Welcome to Chemical Interchange Company. Located in St. Louis, MO we specialize in chemicals which are derivatives of either a nitrogen or sulpher base for industrial and agricultural applications. Both our industrial chemicals and liquid fertilizers are distributed throughout the United States and Canada.

With a commitment to personalized customer service based on years of experience in the nitrogen sulphur derivative industry, John S. (Jack) Moore formed Chemical Interchange Company in 1970. As the name suggests, the company interchanges or trades chemicals.

Our dedication to service starts with a closely-knit staff of professionals working together in our St. Louis headquarters.

While large enough to provide necessary organizational strength and financial power, we have the flexibility required to respond quickly to the urgent needs of our customers.

Our address is:
2932 S. Brentwood Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63144
(314) 962-9002 or (800) 325-3980 Fax (314) 962-9409